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  • Healthy Minds lesson 1
    To identify what is meant by healthy minds and self-talk
  • Feelings and emotions
    To examine links between thoughts and feelings
  • Different thinking styles
    To understand the different types of mindset that people have and how Self-talk affects them.
  • Looking for evidence
    To examine how to avoid jumping to conclusions
  • The file game
    To find evidence to challenge negative thoughts
  • Putting it into perspective
    To examine how to avoid catastrophizing
  • Real time resilience
    To challenge negative thoughts in the moment
  • Assertiveness
    To develop assertive behaviour in difficult situations
  • Negotiation
    To practice the skills of negotiation
  • Coping Strategies
    To practice coping strategies for when we feel extreme anger or sadness
  • Solving Dilemmas
    To use problem solving skills to solve dilemmas
  • Visualised relaxation
    To try visualisation techniques as a method of supporting challenging emotions
  • Decision Making
    To evaluate options to make positive decisions
  • Problem Solving 
    To consider the thoughts of others when problem solving
  • Online Bullying
    To explore the impact of cyberbullying
  • Fake Accounts
    To analyse the risks associated through ‘catfishing’ and fake accounts
  • Safer App Use
    To identify the safest ways to use online apps
  • Appropriate use of  Technology 
    To identify the laws and consequences of recording violent events
  • Protecting Yourself Online
    To summarise the best ways to stay safe online
  • Religious Places of worship
    To examine why places of worship are important to religious people
    Knowledge organiser retest
  • Christian Rules for living
    To evaluate the importance of the 10 commandments
  • Islamic Key Beliefs
    To identify what is meant by the 5 pillars of Islam and how they influence Muslims
  • Buddhist rules for living
    To examine the 5 precepts and their influence on Buddhists
  • Ultimate Questions
    To introduce the ultimate questions unit
  • Does God Exist?
    To evaluate arguments for and against the existence of God
  • How did the world begin?
    To analyse differing views on how the universe began
  • What happens when we die?
    To examine differing views on life after death
  • MYP Assessment
    To assess knowledge of the ultimate questions unit
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices
    To introduce the healthy lifestyles unit
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices (2)
    To identify the physical and mental changes that occur during puberty
  • Healthy Eating and Exercise
    To explore the importance of a healthy diet and exercise
  • The Sleep Factor
    To analyse the importance of sleep
    To create an informative resource to educate younger pupils on how to stay healthy
  • An introduction to Buddhism
    To introduce the Buddhism unit and examine the early life of Siddhartha
  • The Four Sights
    To examine how the four sights impacted Siddhartha’s life
  • Enlightenment
    To explore what is meant by enlightenment
  • The Eightfold Path
    To identify how the Eightfold Path influences a Buddhist’s life
  • The Dalai Lama
    To explore the importance of The Dalai Lama to Buddhism
  • MYP Assessment
    To assess knowledge learnt throughout the Buddhism Unit
  • Assessment Blue Review
    To address misconceptions from the Buddhism module
  • Alcohol
    To examine the effects of alcohol
  • Smoking
    To examine the risks of tobacco, nicotine and e-cigarettes/vaping
  • Legal and prescription  Drugs
    To examine the safe use of legal drugs (energy drinks included)
  • The effects of illegal drugs
    To analyse the effects and dangers of illegal drugs
  • Drugs and The Law
    To identify the laws surrounding illegal drugs
  • What are Human Rights?
    To identify examples of human rights and how they impact people’s lives
  • Discrimination
    To examine the different types of discrimination and the laws related to this
  • Hate Crime
    To explore what is meant by hate crime and the laws surrounding this
  • Sexuality and Gender Identity
    To identify types of sexual orientation and discrimination towards this
  • Racism
    To examine cases of racism as discrimination
  • MYP Assessment
    To assess knowledge of the Human Rights Module
  • Assessment Blue Review
    To address misconceptions from the Human Rights module
  • What is mental health?
    To examine different types of mental health disorder
  • Emotional Wellbeing
    To explore ways of managing emotions and wellbeing
  • Stigma
    To challenge myths and stigma about mental ill health
  • Online Resilience
    To develop online resilience skills
  • Healthy and Unhealthy coping strategies 1 – Self harm
    To examine the dangers and support available for self-harm
  • Healthy and Unhealthy coping strategies 2 – Eating disorders
    To examine the dangers and support available for eating disorders
  • Introduction to Crime and Punishment
    To introduce the unit and examine reasons for crime
  • Vindication and Protection
    To evaluate vindication and protection as aims of punishment
  • Reformation and Reparation
    To evaluate reformation and reparation as aims of punishment
  • Retribution and Deterrence
    To evaluate retribution and deterrence as aims of punishment
  • MYP Assessment lesson
    To design a prison and justify choices regarding aims of punishment
  • Blue Review
    To improve upon feedback given from MYP assessment
  • Online Safety
    To identify risks and challenges of online behaviour
  • Digital reliability/Fake news
    To explore the reliability of the media and how to spot fake news
  • Positive Relationships
    To examine what makes a healthy relationship and apply this to various scenarios
  • Sexting
    To examine the risks and consequences of sexting
  • Investigating Sexual Offences
    To examine case studies of inappropriate behaviours and identify the related crimes
  • FGM
    To identify what is meant by FGM and how to access support
  • Peer Pressure
    To identify what makes a good friend and the consequences of peer pressure
  • Gangs Project lesson 1
    To analyse the risks and legal implications of being in a gang
  • Gangs Project lesson 2
    To further analyse the risks and legal implications of being in a gang
  • Gangs Project Lesson 3
    To explore the process of getting out of a gang
  • Gangs MYP Project Lesson 4 (assessment)
    To assess knowledge learnt throughout the gangs unit
  • Blue Review
    To address misconceptions and make improvements from assessment
  • Careers – My future options
    To analyse the skills needed for my chosen career path
  • Job application process
    To investigate the different ways of applying for a job (cover letters, CVs and application forms)
  • Interview Skills
    To demonstrate interview skills
  • Professional Reputations
    To examine how social media use can impact professional reputation
  • Employment Rights
    To examine employee rights
  • Careers MYP Assessment
  • Contraception
    To identify different types of contraception and which is most suitable for specific users
  • Pregnancy and Miscarriage
    To examine healthy pregnancy and miscarriages
  • STIs
    To investigate the effects and treatment of STIs
  • Consent
    To examine what is meant by consent and the laws surrounding this
  • First Time Sex
    To examine when someone is ready for first time sex (potential outside agency)
  • Spotting the signs of abuse
    To identify the different types of abuse and apply this to scenario examples
  • Types of families
    To examine different types of family set up (civil partnership, adoption, fostering)
  • Divorce and Marriage
    To identify reasons for and laws surrounding marriage and divorce (including menopause)
  • Honour Based Violence
    To examine the dangers of honour based violence and forced marriage in The UK
  • Domestic Abuse
    To examine different examples of Domestic Abuse
  • Relationships for Children
    To explore the roles and responsibilities of parents
  • Healthy Pregnancy 
    To identify how someone can keep a healthy pregnancy
  • Budgeting
    To analyse the cost of living through budgeting activities (risk of payday loans HW)
  • Gambling and Addiction
    To examine the dangers of gambling and the gambler’s fallacy
  • Stereotypes
    To exploring stereotypes and prejudice within society
  • Hate Crime
    To explore what is meant by hate crime and the laws surrounding this
  • Extremism and Radicalisation
    To analyse how to recognize and respond to extremism and radicalisation
  • Sun Safety
    To examine the risks of too much unhealthy sun exposure
  • What is exploitation?
    To identify what is meant by exploitation and examine case studies from around the world
  • Sexual Exploitation
    To know how to identify signs of exploitation and coercion
  • Human Trafficking
    To explore the process and consequences of Human Trafficking
  • Modern Day Slavery
    To examine examples of modern day slavery
  • County Lines and Drug Exploitation
    To identify how criminal gangs exploit others to commit drug related crimes
  • Exploitation MYP Assessment


  • Body Image
    To examine the impacts on body image and self-esteem
  • Digital Manipulation
    To examine how and why photographs are manipulated in the media
  • Tattoos
    To examine the risks and dangers around tattoos
  • Cosmetic Surgery
    To examine the risks and dangers of cosmetic surgery
  • Healthy Romantic Relationships
    To determine what behaviours are appropriate within relationships
  • Pornography
    To investigate the dangers of pornography
  • Parenting
    To investigate the joys and challenges of being a parent
  • What is the Government?
    To examine the make up of The UK government
  • Influences of The Government
    To examine how political decisions influence society
  • Political Parties
    To research different political parties and discover their standpoints on various issues
  • The importance of self-examination
    To analyse how to check for breast and testicular cancer
  • Living a balanced lifestyle
    To identify how to make healthy choices around food and exercise
  • Every Mind Matters
    To explore coping methods related to exam stress
  • #KnifeFree resources lesson 1
    To challenge misconceptions around carrying a knife
  • #KnifeFree resources lesson 2
    To explore the consequences of decision making
  • Fearless outside agency session
  • Vaping
    To examine the risks of vaping
  • NOS
    To examine the risks associated to balloons
  • Social Drugs
    To explore the effects of social drug use
  • Keeping and managing a healthy work-life balance
  • Managing personal health (diet and exercise)
  • Making the right contraception choices
  • Evaluating skills for the workplace and effective CV writing
  • Careers opportunities – global opportunities and “gig jobs”
  • Health and Safety in the workplace
  • Communicating Personal Values
  • Safely challenging prejudice and discrimination
  • Extremism and Radicalisation
  • Consent (the factors which may limit ability to consent)
  • Exit strategies for unhealthy relationships
  • Spotting the signs of abuse
  • Exploitation, assault and rape
  • Right in relation to harassment and stalking
  • Understanding Payslips
  • Risks relating to investment, contracts and payday loans

KS4: GCSE Philosophy & Ethics

Vision Statement

Philosophy and Ethics is the subject of choice for those who wish to develop skills of debate, evaluation and using evidence to support an argument. Through analysing key social and world issues, we debate topics of a controversial nature before forming our own judgements. 

Through studying Philosophy and Ethics, you will gain an insight into differing beliefs throughout the world, whether than be due to social setting, religious beliefs or the impacts of those around them. You will break down stereotypes and preconceptions of the world and the people within it. Such insight will enable you to be successful in pursuing further study or career pathways which include working with the public, understanding their motives for any given behaviour or action. 

Course Outline/Assessment Methods

The Philosophy and Ethics (Eduqas – Route A) specification is examined through 3 externally marked papers.

Component 1 - 2hr Exam

Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the modern world – Focusing on differing attitudes to controversial decision making.

A Study of Christianity –  focusing on how the teachings and beliefs of Christianity influence decision making in the modern world.

A Study of Buddhism –  focusing on how the teachings and beliefs of Buddhism influence decision making in the modern world.

Linked Sixth Form Courses:

  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology
  • History
  • English Literature
  • Geography

Future Course/ Career Opportunities:

We work with and for other people everyday, so understanding them and their backgrounds allows us to empathise and be successful in every career. Some specific careers linked to the study of Philosophy and Ethics are:

  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Public services
  • Social work
  • Politics
  • Journalism

Departmental Performance:

This is a new course for 2024-25


  • Consent and Honour Based Violence
  • De-escalating dangerous and confrontational situations
  • Manipulation and Exploitation
  • The impacts of social drugs
  • Looking out for friends (drink spiking)
  • Drink driving and getting home safely
  • Pressures to conform and body image
  • Recognises mental health concerns in self and others
  • Maintaining positive mental health strategies and signposting help
  • What are the options for my future? (Higher Education, Apprenticeships, gap years, etc…)
  • Global job opportunities in the global market
  • Different working roles (gig jobs, short and flexi contracts)
  • Contraception choices (making the best choice for personal circumstances)
  • Effective condom use and how to access emergency contraception
  • Recognising the difference between love and lust
  • Salary management and deductions
  • Consumer rights and resolving disputes
  • Money risks (finance contracts, illegal transfers)
  • Preparing for work (effective CV creation)
  • The role of trade unions and positive workplace behaviours
  • Cyber security and data protection
  • Professional reputation and online presence
  • Being a critical consumer
  • Distorted perspectives online and the impacts of negative sharing
  • Meeting new people and forming new relationships
  • Accessing health services in a new area and maintaining your own self-examination
  • Young Adult Health Risks (“freshers flu”, meningitis)
  • Preparing food on a budget
  • Managing finance (for uni budgeting or living alone)
  • Initiations/hazing