Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM)

At The Hundred of Hoo Primary Academy, we pride ourselves on delivering the best Science lessons we can and to help us do this, we are completing the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) 2023-2024. At our school, staff, stakeholders and pupils share the same vision and principles to make sure the pupils can be the best learners they can be. Below is a visual of our vision and principles.

Science at Hundred of Hoo Primary Academy.

Pupil engagement, particularly in scientific inquiry, is stronger than ever with even more frequent opportunities to work scientifically and think like a scientist being carefully curated and woven into episodes of learning. As an academy we have further strengthened Science cultural capital by increasing the variety of co-curricular opportunities, including: cross-phase science clubs, visits from the Astrodome linked to science-focussed lines of inquiry, visitors from STEM ambassadors which break down stereotypical views of who scientists are and by widening the range of key individuals studied across the Science curriculum.

Some information about the PSQM is as follows: The Primary Science Quality Mark is a comprehensive, one-year, evidence-informed, professional development and school improvement programme.