EYFS Transition

The start of a new school term is always exciting – but when it’s the transition into “big school” – a child’s very first school term, it can feel a little daunting. Here at Hundred of Hoo Primary Academy we value the importance of transition in making this stepping stone easier for both the parents and the child. As a result, we have planned several events that will lead the children into the enjoyment of school as well as beginning their learning journey. This type of transition will provide time for the children to become accustomed to the school setting and begin to learn the high expectations we have at the academy. Additionally, there is time for parents to explore and become more familiar with where their child will be learning.

Welcome Meeting

Key information will be provided about the school and expectations as well as the following:

  • Key dates for beginning of term
  • Expectations at the Hundred of Hoo
  • Uniform
  • Key staff members
  • Where to line up/collect the children
  • The parents will be shown a video showcasing the day in the life of a reception child (created by the current reception class)
  • A sheet to fill out with their own child to be discussed in home visits/ complete at home visits.
  • Hand out provided alongside this presentation.

Welcome Morning

Children are invited into the classroom for the first time and are accompanied by a parent or carer. Activities are likely to be along the lines of the teddy bears picnic as well as getting to know you activities.

Stay and Play Session

This session gives the parents an opportunity to stay with the child or to leave them and go to the hall where refreshments will be provided. Additionally, each child will be contributing to a class flag, which will be displayed in the classroom.

Play, Grow and Learn Session

In this session the children will be left by their parents and collected later in the day. It will give the children a chance to experience the EYFS areas and the teachers to begin to observe how the children learn and play with others.