Absence Reporting

On the rare occasion that your child is unwell you must contact the academy as early as possible to inform us that they will be absent.

Absence reporting procedure – Primary Phase

For Primary Pupil absence please telephone the Primary Office – 01634 257519.

Absence reporting procedure – Secondary Phase and Post-16

Any absence must be reported by texting the pupil’s full name, college, reason for absence and the length of time you expect them to be absent to 07860 054474.

If you are unable to report your child’s absence by text message, please email your child’s college to report the absence. If we do not receive notification of your child’s absence the academy will contact you to ensure your child is safe and request the reason for absence.

Supporting with illness

The main reason for pupil absence is illness. We understand that sometimes children are genuinely ill and, of course, you must be the judge of this.  If you are unsure whether to send your child in when they are unwell, please allow us to support you in making that judgement. It would be best to send them into the academy and we can contact you if your child is too unwell to continue with their day in the academy. The academy does have the right to make judgement as to whether the absence should be authorised.

Medical Evidence

If you receive a letter requesting medical evidence then the academy is not asking for a doctor’s certificate. Examples of medical evidence be any of the following:

  • Picture of appointment card
  • Picture of prescription with your child’s name and the date on
  • Receipt from a pharmacy with any medication

Many common conditions can be treated with medication before your child goes to school. If your child becomes unwell at school or their symptoms worsen we will always telephone and inform you.  If your child arrives at school and is feeling unwell their Form Tutor and College team will put strategies in place to support them in completing the day.