Cross-Phase Curriculum Offer

What is Cross Phase Learning?

At The Hundred of Hoo Academy we enrich our curriculum opportunities with close work between the primary and secondary phases of school. 

We maximise upon the opportunity to have the knowledge and skills specific to certain subjects taught with subject specialist expertise. As part of the primary curriculum journey, children from year one to year six are regularly taught linguistics by a specialist Spanish teacher, musicality and performance through their Performing Arts sessions and develop their sporting prowess through a variety of regular sessions with Sports Specialists. This is not exclusive to this list. In years five and six, pupils have the opportunity to visit the Secondary site to experience Science in the specialist lab, drama in the performance space and Spanish in the language lab.

Additionally, Primary specialists provide additional support to secondary pupils whose English and Mathematics skills are barriers to accessing the aspirational expectations of the Key Stage 3 curriculum offer.

With all cross-phase lessons, there is close collaboration between Primary and Secondary phase teachers and leaders to ensure that the lessons are carefully planned to ensure pitch and expectations are appropriately matched to the age and stage of the pupils involved. From Year 4 and up, our primary students also have an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning, utilizing specialized equipment to design and construct their imaginative creations, facilitated by our specialist Design Technology teachers.

We believe that our Cross-Phase offer gives pupils the opportunity to develop the core skills identified in the IB Learner Profile. For example being Risk Takers – approaching unfamiliar situations. We also have the opportunity to foster a lifelong interest in learning by providing additional opportunities which many primary pupils do not have access to. 

Ultimately, our cross-phase offer enhances pupil’s learning opportunities and develops their mindsets to be of a growth mindset. Pupils often feel more confident and well prepared for the transition to secondary as not only are they familiar with secondary staff, but our site as well.

What subjects will students be focusing on?

Students will be participating in the following subjects, based on their year group.

  • Year R – Performing Arts
  • Year 1 – Performing Arts, PE and Spanish
  • Year 2 – Performing Arts, PE and Spanish
  • Year 3 – Performing Arts, PE, Spanish, Art and DT (DT Modules 3 & 4)
  • Year 4 – Performing Arts, PE, Spanish, Art and DT (DT Modules 1 & 2)
  • Year 5 – Performing Arts, PE, Spanish and Science
  • Year 6 – Performing Arts, PE, Spanish, Science and DT (DT Modules 5 & 6)

Within our all-through setting, students from years R-6 undertake cross-phase learning. Pupils are given the opportunity to spend time with subject specialists and master parts of the National Curriculum. In many cases, this ensures pupils are exposed to areas that exceed the National Curriculum; such as their Spanish and Drama lessons. 

From year 5 onwards, many of these lessons take part in our Secondary Provision. This allows pupils to take lessons in subject specialist environments that they may not get the opportunity to access whilst in their primary education such as science labs and drama studios. It also allows them to familiarises themselves with not only our teachers, but with our layout making their transition to The Hundred of Hoo Secondary Academy seamless.

Cross-Phase learning encourages pupils to become risk takers with new staff, new settings and new skills. 

Throughout cross-phase learning, students continue to follow their lines of inquiry to enhance disciplinary knowledge. Pupils have subject specialists that work collaboratively with their class teachers to create bespoke lessons that develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding. 

Students are also given an opportunity to work in a disciplinary manner that helps prepare them for the next steps in their educational journey.

Pupils’ ability to access primary assessments is enhanced. 

Pupils are more confident in disciplinary learning and therefore their  transition to secondary learning is less daunting. 

Pupils’ curriculum can exceed the National Curriculum at KS1 and KS2, but in subject areas that are on the KS3 National Curriculum, therefore pupils are more than ready and prepared for their next steps in education.

How will students be assessed?

There are no formal assessments as part of the cross-phase curriculum; however, all of the National Curriculum foundation subjects, of which the cross-phase subjects are a part, are assessed summatively through teacher assessment using SOLO taxonomy both mid-year and at the end of the academic year.