IRIS Connect

We are IRIS Connected

At The Hundred of Hoo Academy, we encourage our staff to continually look for ways to raise teaching standards and consequently improve outcomes for our students. To support this, we’ve invested in IRIS Connect; a system trusted by thousands of educators and educational institutions throughout the world, to empower teachers to have more ownership of their professional development, grow in confidence and collaborate successfully with peers. Our aim is for all teachers to be as good as the best, and through sharing outstanding practice, teachers can reflect, amend and trial new and creative teaching, learning and assessment techniques to ensure the very best outcomes for all pupils.

IRIS Connect website

Using IRIS Connect online platform and mobile video cameras, our teachers have the opportunity to record, reflect on and develop their practice using tools designed to enable the most effective professional learning activities, as demonstrated by the latest research. It’s been reported that, as a result of videoing their lessons, 94% of teachers said their teaching had improved and 88% said their confidence had risen.

Although video is a powerful tool for accelerating teaching and learning, we know it’s vital that the students featured in a lesson recording are appropriately protected at all times. This is why IRIS Connect have built a system that’s rooted in data protection, privacy and safety and ensures outstanding security. Reassuringly, it is the only video professional learning platform with a protocol agreed between the ASCL and NASUWT teaching unions.

All video footage is kept on secure and trusted servers that never enter the public domain. The use of IRIS Connect is strictly for professional development and satisfies our strict policies on keeping young people safe. Students that do not have permission to be filmed are blurred out.

We use Public Task as a lawful reason for processing data – read our draft IRIS GDPR document