PSHE Guidance

The PSHRE curriculum at The Hundred of Hoo academy is designed to ensure that pupils are fully supported in their journey to becoming a well-rounded citizen prepared for life in Modern Britain.

Personal Development is an extremely important part of the curriculum, which is discreetly taught to all year groups and throughout form time.

The curriculum has been well designed to support the following key areas:

  • Developing responsible, respectful, active citizens or who are able to become actively involved in life as an adult. This starts throughout the Penn Resilience programme in year 7, and is built upon through various stages in the spiralled curriculum.
  • Deepens pupils’ understanding of the Fundamental British Values
  • Promotes equality of all, ensuring equal opportunities and creating an environment where all pupils can thrive, regardless of race, religion, gender, belief, age, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Develops the character of pupils, allowing opportunities to reflect on their own progress and conduct to help flourish in society.
  • Provides the knowledge and understanding to make healthy choices, related to diet, eating and relationships to maintain healthy physically and mentally.
  • Provides an age-appropriate sex education for all pupils, influenced by guidance from Medway council and the PSHE association.
  • Supports pupils’ with the knowledge to understand what they need to do to reach and succeed in the career which they aspire.

Pupils’ spiritual development is seen throughout various phases of the PSHRE curriculum, as pupils gain knowledge and understanding of a variety of faiths and key beliefs. Pupils are given opportunities to reflect upon these beliefs and compare them to their own in a safe environment, developing an awareness of how beliefs impacts on decisions and behaviours. Throughout the PSHRE learning experience and during form time activities pupils use imagination and creativity in their learning.

The moral development of pupils is also supported through an analysis of varying religious rules and the impacts this has on people’s lives. Within this topic, pupils also gain knowledge of possible conflicts between religious laws and the criminal and civil laws in The United Kingdom. Pupils learn how to make appropriate moral choices through a wide range of activities and topics across PSHRE lessons and throughout ‘theme of the fortnight’. In addition to this, pupils learn about ‘aims of punishment’ linking this to their own lives to better understand the consequences for behaviours and actions.

Social development within the academy is supported by a range of different contexts and cultures, seen in the cross-curricula mapping document. The Penn Resilience Programme in year 7 encourages pupils to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts in effective and appropriate ways. Aforementioned, the Fundamental British Values are deeply rooted in the curriculum, ensuring that pupils develop the skills and attitudes to participate fully in life in modern Britain.

The theme of the fortnight programme which enriches cultural experiences for pupils allows them to discover their own heritage, values and shared beliefs, promoting a culture of mutual respect and tolerance for all. Many pupils willingly take part in and respond positively to artistic, musical, sporting and cultural opportunities. This has been specifically supported through key events such as whole school mock elections, Sports Day, The Rock School music group and school variety shows to name a few. There has been a growing number of pupils participating in many school competitions, such as the “Well-being Art competition” run in association with Medway Council, school photography competitions and many more. Celebrating diversity is common place within the academy, such as Black History Month, Autism awareness week and LGBT+ History. All these events are celebrated in the academy, as well as a number of clubs/groups to support, such as a Diversity group and LGBT+ Ambassadors.