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Our subjects - GCSE/ Level 1 & 2 Subjects

  • Art (Art,Graphics, Photography & Textiles) – AQA
  • Computer Science – OCR
  • Creative iMedia – OCR
  • Dance – Pearson
  • English – WJEC
  • Enterprise & Marketing – OCR
  • Food Prep – AQA
  • Geography – AQA
  • Health & Fitness – NCFE
  • Health & Social Care – NCFE
  • History – Pearson
  • Languages – AQA
  • Mathematics – Pearson
  • Media Studies – WJEC
  • Performing Arts – Pearson
  • Religious Studies – WJEC
  • Science (Combined & Trilogy) – AQA
  • Sociology – AQA
  • Statistics – Pearson
  • Technology (3D) – Pearson
  • Travel & Tourism – Pearson
100 Days till exams 2024

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Essential Advice for Candidates

Exam Seasons

This is an important year for examining students, so we encourage all students to be in school for the whole academic year; holidays will not be authorised.

  • October - November: GCSE Resits
  • January - February: BTEC & Vocational papers
  • March - May: Non-Examined Assessments (these are exam tasks completed over a window of time)
  • 1st May - 26th June: Main summer exam season

Contingency Days

For the Summer exam series a “contingency” exam day/s has been arranged by JCQ which all students need to be aware of.

These contingency days for GCSE and A Level (or equivalent) examinations, have been put in place ‘in the event of widespread, sustained national or local disruption to examinations during the June examination series.’

The provisional dates that have been set aside as the contingency days are: 6th, 13th and 26th June 2024.

This means that all exam candidates must be available to sit exams from the date of their first exam until Wednesday 26th June 2024. This decision is not a school decision and applies to all candidates in all schools.

Please can all students/parents/carers make a note of the contingency exam dates in the event that an awarding body needs to invoke its contingency plan.

Post Results Services

The following Post Results Services are available after the examinations. It is advised that you should discuss your options with your subject teacher beforehand. All post results services have a fee, which you will be given along with your results:

  • Access To Scripts (ATS)
    You can ask for a copy of your exam script(s) for general purpose or before deciding whether to request a review of mark ROM.
  • Clerical Check
    You can ask for a full clerical check of your exam script. A check will be made to see that all parts of your script have been marked, that the marks on the script have been correctly totalled and correctly recorded.
  • Review Of Mark (ROM)
    Whether initially you request your script or not, you may apply to have your exam paper Reviewed by a senior examiner if you feel an error has been made. A full clerical check will also be made. Please note: Priority Remarks are only available to Year 13 students whose place in higher education is dependent upon the outcome.

Please know that all grades can go down as well as up and cannot be reversed.

Results & Certificates

A Level & Level 3 Results – year 13

  • The Hundred of Hoo Academy will be open from 9:00-10:00 AM on results day for collection of results.  All students will need to bring ID on the day of collection.

GCSE & Level 1/2 Results – Year 11 & any Year 12’s retaking GCSEs

  • The Hundred of Hoo Academy will be open from 9:00-11:00 AM on results day for collection of results.  All students will need to bring ID on the day of collection. 
  • Students will also have the opportunity of enrolling 6th form on this day

Nominated Collections

  • Students who would like to nominate someone to collect on their behalf, will need to complete a google form prior to results day.
  • All nominated collectors will need to provide ID on the day of collection, otherwise it will not be released.

Posted/ Emailed Results

  • We no longer post results.
  • Students can receive their results via email to their school email and student portals.
  • Parents will be able to view results via My Child At School portal.

Uncollected Examination Results

Any results not collected on results day may be collected from the school reception during normal opening hours for up to 1 year. Thereafter you will need to contact the Main Office via Email for assistance.

Examination Certificates

Examination certificates will be issued once a student completes their academic year (at the end of Years 11 and 13).  These are available from January of each new academic year from the Main office during working hours. You will be required to provide ID upon collection.

You may nominate someone to collect on your behalf by completing a google for before the results day. Any questions, please contact the Main Office.

Once you have your Certificates please do not lose them, as the examination boards will charge you for replacements.

We are unable to post any Certificates, it is a collection only policy.

Frequently Asked Questions for Examinations

You will receive all of this information on your individual candidate timetable, along with your Student Exam Handbook with all the regulations, which you will sign for.

  • Please check it and report any concerns with your TT to the Examinations Office or your Form Teacher, keep it safe and bring it along with you on the day.
  • Morning exams start at 8:40am prompt
  • Afternoon exams start at 1:30pm prompt
  • You need to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of your exam.
  • Your exam timetable with your exam room and seat number
  • Your equipment in a clear pencil case:
    Black BIRO pen, HB pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, highlighter. 
    A calculator if required but no lids.
    For Maths/Science: a maths set (protractor, compass etc) if required.
  • You may bring a bottle of water only (NO Juice) in a clear bottle with no label or writing on it.
  • Mobile phone, watch of any type or any other smart, data/web enabled or communication device. The penalties for having any of these devices are severe.
  • Food.
  • Your coat and bag. These will be left outside of the exam room.
  • Revision notes etc – nothing in your blazer pockets, sweet wrappers / crisp packets / anything with writing on.
  • You will also need to ensure that your hands and arms do not have any notes or writing on them.
  • If at all possible you should attend the examination.
  • If you are unable to due to serious illness you must inform Attendance in the usual way, but also inform them that you are due to sit an exam.
  • You will be required to obtain a letter from your doctor and return it to the Examinations Office within 5 days of your exam.
  • Do not panic!
  • Make sure you telephone the school and let Attendance know you are on your way. Explain you have an exam and give them your estimated time of arrival.
  • On arrival you must report to reception and explain that you are late for your exam but that Attendance and the Examinations Office are aware.
  • If you are going to be very late, your parent/carer will need to come in with you to sign a statement, that they have supervised you and that you have had no internet access during that time.
  • No.
  • The regulations state that candidates must stay for the duration of the examination. Candidates leaving early can cause a disturbance that is unfair to others in the exam.
  • Please note that afternoon examinations may finish after the end of the school day, so candidates may need to make arrangements to get home if you normally use the bus.

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