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KS4: GCSE Media Studies

Vision Statement

Media has become intrinsically linked with our everyday lives and it is difficult to imagine a world where we could live without phones, television or the internet. Consider a world where Facebook could not be checked or being unable to view the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Media Studies is an exciting subject where pupils can begin to understand their favourite media texts, why they have been created and the impact these have on audiences. The subject will provide pupils with the ability to question texts and the choices made by producers to critically analyse the impact of these. Pupils will have the opportunity to study a range of texts for varied mediums and analyse the technical and symbolic ideologies conveyed through these. The course develops both written and verbal skills and there is plenty of room for discussion and lively debate around the media texts accessed. Through teaching and learning and the coursework and examination components pupils are encouraged to be autonomous, fully preparing them for their futures, wherever that may lead them.

Course Outline/Assessment Methods

Component 1 - 30%

Exploring Media Language and Representation.  30% – 60 marks  

For this component, pupils will study examples of media products from  the following media forms: Newspapers and radio news or current affairs  programmes; Advertising and video games; Magazines and music videos.

Understanding Media Forms and products. 40% – 80 marks 

In this component learners will explore particular media forms in depth through both of the following topics: Television Genres: Crime Drama or Sitcom; Film Marketing: Star Wars or Bond

The examination consists of two sections where pupils will be required to answer two extended questions of 40 marks each.

Creating Media Products. 30% – 50 marks 

Pupils will be required to make their own Media product that follows a brief set by the awarding body. This will require them to make products for specific target audiences. Pupils will choose from one of the following  Mediums: Television, Advertising and Marketing: Music, Advertising and  Marketing: Film, Magazines. The course is structured into three components with two written examinations and one coursework element. The course involves the study of a range of media texts and the representa tions, genres and narratives within these. As well as this, pupils will have  the opportunity to explore audiences and how the texts are constructed to  appeal to these. The pupils will have the opportunity to question who created the text and why it was constructed in that way. At the end of the  course the pupils will have a wider understanding of media texts, producers and audiences. Pupils will consider all aspects of media texts, from  popular and well known media to areas they may have not encountered. This is developed through analysis, written work and practical tasks.

Linked Sixth Form Courses:

  • Media Studies
  • Film Studies
  • English Literature
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

Future Course/ Career Opportunities:

  • University
  • Media and Film Production
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Media Sales
  • Communications
  • Marketing

Departmental Performance:

  • 2022/23: 9-4 = 33%
  • 2021/22: 9-4 = 68%
  • 2020/21: 9-4 = 38%
  • 2019/20: 9-4 = 52%
  • 2018/19: 9-4 = 51%