At the Hundred of Hoo, we are so excited about the new developments in technology and we are eager to adopt them in our learning.  At the forefront of both our teaching and learning is using technology creatively and most importantly, safely. To ensure the online safety of all our community, we have numerous measures in place.  Staff and pupils from all year groups are aware of the steps they need to take in reporting an incident.

There are many ways that you can support your child’s use of technology in a safe environment.  At the Hundred of Hoo we feel it is essential that we work together to safeguard our children while they are online.

It is important to remember that banning the internet or technology will only make it less likely for our children to report any problems or concerns.  We need to educate them to be safe digital citizens.

Here is some useful information and links to guide you and your child to a safer internet.

Social Networking

The Hundred of Hoo recommends that pupils avoid using all social networking sites and tools until they are of an appropriate age to do so.  If parents/families allow the use of such sites then they are strongly advised to do all they can to preserve a “hidden” identity on the internet. Here are some simple steps to achieving this –

  • Use nicknames instead of real names
  • Use an avatar instead of uploading any real photographs of themselves.

With DoppelMe you can create a cool graphical likeness of yourself, your friends, family or any group of people for use as an avatar in forums, instant messenger, blogs and almost anywhere else on the web.