At The Hundred of Hoo Primary we are committed in providing an inclusive education. In order to do this many steps are taken to support our pupils through their learning journey.

The Academy aims to give every pupil the opportunity to develop his/her full potential. It recognises that all pupils have their own particular need and seeks to ensure that each pupil is able to learn, experience success and feel valued in an environment free from obstacles and prejudice.

Quality teaching is vital; however for some children there are occasions when further additional support may be needed to help them achieve their targets.

If a teacher or parent/carer believes that there may be a difficulty which has not been previously identified, they can speak to the SENCO by appointment. The SENCO will then examine the most recent learning data, speak to all of the relevant staff and may undertake or commission additional assessments/ investigations. The views of parents and carers are important to us and vital to this process.

We may intervene if:

  • pupils display significantly greater learning difficulties than the rest of their peer group or less than expected progress
  • have communication and/or interaction difficulties
  • experience difficulty with cognition and learning
  • they display sensory or physical difficulties
  • display persistent emotional well-being concerns (mental health), or social difficulties and have failed to respond to the academies intervention strategies

Academy staff will undertake any necessary professional development to deliver Quality First teaching, monitored by middle and senior leaders as part of the regular review and observation cycle. The Senior Leadership Team and the SENCO are involved in ensuring that the setting is appropriate to meet both ability and need. They also ensure that the support staff and specialist resources are deployed appropriately and that interventions impact positively on pupils’ outcomes and development.

Below is a brief overview of the various additional programmes we deliver to support all learners, where appropriate.

Speech and Language Link

A speech programme which targets sounds that children have difficulties in producing. Children are tested within the school using this specialised computer programme and then our SENCo delivers the suggested individualised programmes. There are occasions when the tests show that a child needs to be referred to a Speech and Language Therapy for additional guidance and/or intervention.

Speech and Language

Individualised programmes delivered by our Speech Therapist. These are for children who have been referred, by the school or by a medical professional, to be assessed by the Speech and Language Therapy Service. These programmes can include speech sound production, language development and social skills, depending on the child’s needs.

Play Therapy

This intervention aims to develop communication and interaction skills.  It encourages turn taking, and collaboration.


This intervention is accessible to all pupils who may be experiencing difficulty with some aspects of home/school life e.g. a family bereavement which may impact on their school life.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are vital to the development of many competencies in young children. Activities are divided into sections focusing on warming up, hand and finger strength, manipulation and eye-hand co ordination.

Plus One/ Power of Two

This is a one to one maths programme which focuses on number bonds and multiplication facts.  It is a long term programme which can be very effective.