Science Curriculum

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At Hundred of Hoo, we recognise science as a subject that involves everyday life. When teaching children science at Hundred of Hoo, they are able to develop their scientific skills, as well as their learner profile attributes within the PYP framework to help make connections to the real world. This is helped by enabling Science to be delivered as a transdisciplinary subject, rather than discreetly.

The National Curriculum, as well as the IB Science scope and sequence provide a structure and skills development for the science curriculum that is being taught at Hundred of Hoo Academy and where possible, science inquiries will be taught within a transdisciplinary theme and central idea. Linking with units of inquiry, teachers are to create a sequence of learning, which reflects a balanced programme of study.

To allow flexibility of science study throughout the school year, IB science strands will be the main focus when planning units of inquiry. This gives more scope within science and allows students to make better connections to the real world. As well as this, scientific skills will also be developed throughout a child’s learning journey, with help from science specialists based at the secondary phase.

To enable students to become independent learners in science, teachers are there to create a positive attitude towards science learning within their classroom and will reinforce their expectations that all children are capable of achieving high standards in science, especially when developing their scientific skills. To make sure this happens, our school approach is as follows:

  • Science will be taught within a class’ unit of inquiry and linked to the National Curriculum statements for each year group, alongside the IB PYP science strands in the science scope and sequence.
  • Problem solving opportunities will be evident when planning to encourage children to develop their scientific skills.
  • Science specialists from Hundred of Hoo Secondary Academy will be supporting primary teachers to deliver quality science lessons when they are able to.
  • Scientific vocabulary will be used whilst children are taking part in their science units of inquiries, as well as outside of the lessons being taught. This will be evident throughout the children’s learning in books and working walls. As well as this, children’s work will have the opportunity to be displayed around the school, which will encourage them to take pride in their science learning.
  • To help embed learning further, children will have the opportunity to take part in specialist events or weeks such as Science/STEM week.
  • Children will have the opportunity to work with the STEM Hub and listen to adults who work in the STEM sector, to find out about careers that may interest them.

Having a successful implementation would enable Hundred of Hoo to provide fun, engaging and a high-quality science education which will be able to provide the children to make connections to the real world, relevant to what they would need to learn. Making links to the IB PYP framework will also help children to become well rounded inquirers with the knowledge and understanding that they would need in order to move forward into their educational careers. Our engagement with the secondary team, as well as external agencies will ensure that children learn a varied curriculum that will give them first hand experiences about the world around them and being able to take part in workshops and trips, children at Hundred of Hoo will be able to work together to find out how science is important in our day to day lives.