Curriculum Intent 

At the Hundred of Hoo Academy it is our duty to ensure that every pupil, regardless of their starting point, has the opportunity to succeed academically, economically and socially. We provide our young people with the appropriate pathway towards the future they deserve and these values are fully modelled in our curriculum.

We believe that pupils deserve a curriculum that enhances their life chances and enables social mobility and equality. There is a real breadth of courses being accessed across all key stages, ensuring the needs of all pupils are met so they can access their first choice next steps. This includes pupils having access to the traditional English Baccalaureate subjects alongside a wide range of other subjects. Teachers make cross-curricular links between subjects to ensure pupils apply their knowledge and skills across a range of topics and between disciplines including links to PSHRE and fundamental British values. This creates a balanced curriculum which provides rich opportunities for pupils to develop a range of skills, depth of knowledge and opportunities to explore career pathways through schemes of work. 

Pupils develop the core skills necessary to support their progression and success in the next stages of education and to be successful adults who contribute positively to modern society. The curriculum strives to ensure pupils become independent and resilient learners, who are highly motivated to meet their full potential and live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Ofsted Report - 2018

“Leaders adapt the curriculum skilfully over time, to ensure that it prepares pupils increasingly well for the future. The appropriately broad range of timetabled subjects is complemented creatively by extracurricular opportunities”

The curriculum at The Hundred of Hoo is knowledge based which empowers students to develop an understanding and mastery of the subjects they study and fosters a lifelong interest in learning. It is fully inclusive meaning that it is accessible to all students and ensures they reach their full potential. Key Stages 3 and 4 follows the National Curriculum but, as an Academy, we retain the option to offer alternatives as and when appropriate.

Ofsted Report - 2018 

“Leaders have planned carefully to deepen curriculum provision, from September 2018