Year 9 PSHRE Map

Term 1 - The Risks & Consequences of Gang Culture


To analyse the risks and legal implications of being in a gang

This will be a sequence of lessons using the managing risks and staying safe Medway/PSHE association resources

Term 2 - Careers

Careers – My Future Options
To analyse the skills needed for my chosen career path

Job Application Process
To investigate the different ways of applying for a job (Cover letters, CV’s and application forms)

Interview Skills
To demonstrate interview skills

Term 3 - Relationships & Families

To identify different types of contraception and which is most suitable for specific users

To investigate the effects and treatment of STIs

Assessment of prior learning and misconception improvement

Term 4 - Safe & Healthy Sexual Relationships

Types of Families
To examine different types and roles within families

Divorce and Marriage
To identify reasons for and laws surrounding marriage and divorce

Navigating Unhealthy Relationships
To explore honour based violence and relationship exit strategies

Term 5 - Managing Risky Behaviours

Extremism and Radicalisation
To analyse how to recognize and respond to extremism and radicalisation

Gambling and Addiction
To examine the dangers of gambling and the gambler’s fallacy

Managing Money
To analyse the dangers of payday loans and how this links to debt

Term 6 - Healthy Relationships

Sexual Exploitation
To know how to identify signs of exploitation and coercion

To examine what is meant by consent and the ways that people can give consent

To examine the different signs of abuse within relationships