Year 8 PSHRE Map

Key learning objectives and topics covered lesson by lesson:

Term 1 - Drug Abuse & Misuse

To examine the effects of alcohol

To examine the risks of tobacco, nicotine and e-cigarettes/vaping

Legal & Prescription Drugs
To examine the safe use of legal drugs (Energy drinks included)

The Effects of Illegal Drugs
To analyse the effects and dangers of illegal drugs

Drugs & The Law
To identify the laws surrounding illegal drugs

Cannabis: Legalisation Debate
To evaluate whether Cannabis should be legalized in The UK

Term 2 - An Introduction to Buddhism

Buddhism – The Life of Siddhartha
To begin to examine Buddhism and the early life of Siddhartha

The Four Sights
To examine how the four sights impacted Siddhartha’s life

To explore what is meant by enlightenment

The Eightfold Path
To identify how the Eightfold Path influences a Buddhist’s life

The Dalai Lama
To explore the importance of The Dalai Lama to Buddhism

Places of Worship
To explore how and where Buddhists worship

Term 3 - Human Rights & Discrimination

What Are Human Rights?
To identify examples of human rights and how they impact people’s lives

Rights of the Child
To examine the rights children have in addition to those of the child

To examine the different types of discrimination and the laws related to this (Hate Crime)

To identify types of sexual orientation and discrimination towards this

Gender Identity
To recognise and challenge homophobia, transphobia and biphobia

To examine cases of racism as discrimination

Term 4 - Crime & Punishment

What is Mental Health?
To examine different types of mental health disorder

Emotional Wellbeing
To explore ways of managing emotions and well-being

To challenge myths and stigma about mental ill health

Online Resilience
To develop online resilience skills

Healthy and Unhealthy Coping Strategies 1 – Self-Harm
To examine the dangers and support available for self-harm

Healthy and Unhealthy Coping Strategies 2 – Eating Disorders
To examine the dangers and support available for eating disorders

Term 5 - Mental Health Awareness

Reasons for Crime 1
To evaluate what is the biggest cause of crime

Reasons for Crime 2
L/O Continued from lesson 1

Aims of Punishment 1
To examine vindication, protection and reformation as aims of punishment

Aims of Punishment 2
To examine reparation, deterrence and retribution as aims of punishment

To identify laws and views surrounding abortion

To analyse arguments for and against euthanasia

Term 6 - Staying Safe On & Offline

Online Safety
To identify risks and challenges of online behaviour

To identify what is meant by FGM and how to access support

To identify what is meant by consent and apply this to scenarios (what’s your comeback line)

To identify different types of abuse and support networks available

Digital Reliability
To explore the reliability of the media and how to spot fake news

The Risks of Gambling
To analyse the dangers of gambling