Year 7 PSHRE Map

Key learning objectives and topics covered lesson by lesson:

Term 1 - Healthy Minds: Learning about our thoughts

Healthy Minds Lesson 1
To identify what is meant by healthy minds and self-talk

Feelings & Emotions
To examine links between thoughts and feelings

Different Thinking Styles
To understand the different types of mindset that people have and how Self-talk affects these.

Looking for Evidence
To examine how to avoid jumping to conclusions

The File Game
To find evidence to challenge negative thoughts

Putting It Into Perspective
To examine how to avoid catastrophizing

Real Time Resilience
To challenge negative thoughts in the moment

Term 2 - Healthy Minds: Learning how to manage emotions

To develop assertive behaviour in difficult situations

To practice the skills of negotiation

Coping Strategies
To practice coping strategies for when we feel extreme anger or sadness

Solving Dilemmas
To use problem-solving skills to solve dilemmas

Visualised Relaxation
To try visualization techniques as a method of supporting challenging emotions

Knowledge Organiser Test

Term 3 - Healthy Minds: Learning how to solve problems

Overcoming Procrastination/Knowledge Organiser Retest
To examine ways of overcoming procrastination

Social Skills Development
To develop social skills by applying healthy minds knowledge

Decision Making
To evaluate options to make positive decisions

Problem Solving
To consider the thoughts of others when problem solving

Term 4 - Religious Communities

Religious Places of Worship
To examine why places of worship are important to religious people Knowledge Organiser Retest

Christian Rules for Living
To evaluate the importance of the 10 commandments

Islamic Key Beliefs
To identify what is meant by the 5 pillars of Islam and how they influence Muslims

Buddhist Rules for Living
To examine the 5 precepts and their influence on Buddhists

Life After Death
To examine differing beliefs on life after death

Does God Exist?
To evaluate arguments for and against the existence of God

Term 5 - Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyle Choices
To examine how to make healthy lifestyle choices (Hygiene, diet, dental care)

The Importance of Sleep
To examine the importance of the amount and quality of sleep

Healthy Eating & Exercise
To explore the importance of a healthy diet and exercise

Physical Changes Within Puberty
To identify physical changes within puberty

Mental & Emotional Changes Within Puberty
To examine how to manage physical and emotional changes in puberty

To evaluate the dangers of sexting
Knowledge Organiser Test

Term 6 - Religious Attitudes towards Violence, War and Peace

Religious Views on War
To examine how religious beliefs influence involvement in war

The 9/11 Attacks
To explain how acts of violence lead to religious discrimination

To examine how prejudice links to discrimination

Extremism & Radicalisation
To identify how people influence the beliefs of others

To examine views towards forgiveness