Year 10 PSHRE Map

Year 10 PSHRE Key Topics and Learning Objectives:

Term 1 - Self-worth and Self-image

Body Image
To examine the impacts on body image and self-esteem

Digital Manipulation
To examine how and why photographs are manipulated in the media

To examine the risks and dangers around tattoos

Cosmetic Surgery
To examine the risks and dangers of cosmetic surgery

Term 2 - Positive Sexual Behaviours

Healthy Romantic Relationships
To determine what behaviours are appropriate within relationships

To investigate the dangers of pornography

To investigate the joys and challenges of being a parent

Term 3 - Government and Politics

Influences of The Government
To examine how political decisions influence society

Political Engagement
To examine the impact of pressure groups

Political Parties
To research different political parties and discover their standpoints on various issues

Term 4 - Personal Health

The Importance of Self-examination
To analyse how to check for breast and testicular cancer

Living a Balanced Lifestyle
To identify how to make healthy choices around food and exercise

Every Mind Matters
To explore coping methods related to exam stress

Term 5 - Knife Crime

This term will focus on a project surrounding the risks of carrying a knife including:

  • Why people carry knives
  • The law around knives
  • Risks of carrying a knife
Term 6 - Drugs Education

To explore the risks and effects of Cannabis

To explore the risks and effects of Ecstasy and MDMA

To explore the risks and effects of Cocaine