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The Hundred of Hoo Academy works in conjunction with an educational charity called The Brilliant Club.

The Brilliant Club works to widen access to highly-selective universities within the UK for students from under-represented backgrounds. It achieves this through The Scholars Programme. The programme involves the recruitment, training and placing of doctoral researchers in non-selective state schools and college, providing students in Year 6, right the way up to Year 12, with the knowledge, skills and ambition to be able to gain a place in a leading university.


The Hundred of Hoo Acadmey has partnered with The Brilliant Club to run this programme, to enable our researchers to communicate their research to students and help develop students’ research skills.

Through The Scholars Programme, students to take part in university-style tutorials and undertake a project assignment with doctoral researchers. Over a period of several months this is completed in-school. Through the programme students visit two universities, for their launch and graduation trip.

The Brilliant Club has recently released the findings of an independent control group evaluation by UCAS. Data from the most recent cohort of pupils shows that 58% of pupils eligible for Free School Meals secured a place at a highly-selective university, compared to a national average of 11%. Further, when compared to a control group with matched characteristics including gender, ethnicity and prior attainment, UCAS reported that pupils who completed the programme were “significantly more likely to secure a place at a highly-selective university”. Feedback from teachers, researchers, and students has also been overwhelming positive.