Taught Curriculum

The Taught Curriculum 

The breadth and content within the Academy’s curriculum continues to improve as we work to ensure it is ambitious and improves the life chances of all pupils regardless of their starting points or individual need.

The curriculum provides breadth and balance in terms of the subjects offered and these use the National Curriculum as the foundation. There is an explicit emphasis on “Cultural Capital” through  the development of the essential knowledge needed to be educated citizens along with the skills and capabilities needed for life-long learning and for contributing effectively to society. These can be seen in the implementation of the Hundred of Hoo precision teaching model, the delivery of Theme of the Fortnight programme and in the whole academy cross-curriculum subject map which demonstrates the teaching of  literacy, numeracy, careers and links between subjects.

The curriculum serves to build upon the skills and knowledge developed throughout pupil’s primary education and creates a solid foundation upon which to develop knowledge and key concepts as they move from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4. This means that each subject plans their curriculum to be delivered in a way that sequences learning towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and employment.  Within the curriculum map there are clear links between the curriculum and the local context of the school. Many pupils on the Hoo peninsula have a limited understanding of life outside of Medway and therefore schemes of work use examples of familiar local contexts to further develop their understanding of the wider world.

The Secondary – Two-weekly Cycle

The Academy day is divided into 5, one hour teaching periods over a two week cycle, giving 50 periods per fortnight.  In addition to this we have an extra period at the end of the day for pupils to attend intervention/enrichment sessions and after Academy day clubs.