School Officer

Introducing Schools Officers

Each school in Kent & Medway have been allocated it’s own dedicated Police officer who will support students, teachers and parents. Schools Officers are a dedicated Policing resource designed to support students, teachers, parents and communities in the identification and disruption of criminality and exploitation. This will be through early intervention and safeguarding approaches. 

Our Schools Officer is PC Dave and he will provide a single point of contact for young people, as well as educational professionals, partner agencies, parents and guardians.

What they will do:

  • They will support schools in delivering diversion and intervention schemes for vulnerable children.
  • They will act as a point of contact for teachers, parents and children in need.
  • They will actively safeguard children at risk of criminality or exploitation.
  • They will be there for our children and young people to talk to and seek advice from.

What they will not do:

  • They will not replace Schools Behaviour Policy and they will support existing school’s practice.
  • The intention is not to arrest children in schools.

The newly formed role will cover many areas of policing including; child safety, reducing fear of crime, safeguarding, signposting, intervention, identifying children at risk of exploitation, crime education, conflict resolution, promotion of the police service as a career and will ensure a visible presence in secondary schools in Kent.