Photo of The Hundred of Hoo Primary Academy Principal, Mike Etheridge.

Welcome from the Principal

Mr Mike Etheridge

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Primary of The Hundred of Hoo All Through Academy.  The Hundred of Hoo is quickly becoming known as a centre with high expectations, high standards and high achievements. Throughout every element of academy life; our ethos about what we do, what we believe in and what we value, is clear. Above all else, we are about children and young people, their learning and their needs which is encapsulated in our strapline; “Aspire, Achieve, Excel”.  We are about the whole child. We are a school which is child centred, and so all our efforts, our work and our endeavours revolve around the achievement of each pupil’s potential, academically, socially and emotionally. We have the highest expectations for each young person in our care and, as such, it is our responsibility to do our utmost to ensure that that is exactly what each of them realises. One of our core principles is that we want our learners to be the best versions of themselves.

Our staff is committed, caring and professional in all that they do as practitioners.  We have a pastoral care system which is strong and focused on our children, with a strong emphasis on clear and open communication with parents and carers. We never lose sight of the fact that our children belong first and foremost to our parents. We are flexible and understanding, promising to work around difficulties which may arise in the lives of our young pupils. We therefore work very hard to ensure that our school is indeed a safe space and as far as possible, a happy place for each child. This is so important because the happy child is the child who learns and succeeds best.

Mr Mike Etheridge | Primary Principal

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