We believe that parents in school is a really great way for you to work with your child in the context of school. The children thrive on the interaction and enjoy the time spent together.

‘Show and Share sessions’ are run from 14:50 until 15:15 every Friday. The session will begin with the children reading with their adult for the first 10 minutes and, for the final 15 minutes, the parents will have the opportunity to discuss their child’s learning with their child by looking through the books that the class teacher has selected and left on your child’s table. This should provide you with an interesting insight into how your child is getting on day-to-day; what their successes are and what they are working on to improve. You can then work with your child on areas like their spellings, calculations or punctuation by supporting them (not doing it for them) with editing their work.

On occasions, the class teacher may choose to demonstrate a particular concept that most children find challenging or a specific area they would like you to focus on when speaking with your child. Throughout this time, you will be able to have focussed learning conversations using the “Pupil Conferencing” question suggestions. Alongside this, we would ask that you write down a few reflections about the conversation with your child.

We understand that not all parents are able to attend these sessions due to work commitments and as you know, those children who it effects will always have the chance to work with a familiar adult during this time. Having said that, even if you make it to at least one session a term that is still a chance for you to have those valuable learning conversations with your child.

Please note, however, that it wouldn’t be appropriate for this window of time to be used to speak with the class teacher about your child’s learning. It should be focussed solely on your child and their achievements and next steps. Should you wish to speak with the class teacher, please make an appointment with them via your child’s link book and a mutually convenient time will be agreed.