Welcome to Cousteau class! Our class is named after Jacque Cousteau who studied the sea and invented the aqua lung.

There are lots of exciting opportunities for learning in year 2, sometimes you won’t even realise you’re learning! In year 2 we ensure we cover the objectives set out in the National Curriculum in a creative, exciting way to stimulate learning. We will have a range of exciting lines of inquiry that we will explore throughout the year. Within these we will have many opportunities to apply our learning through educational visits, workshops and meeting experts.

Class Teacher
Mrs E Johnson

Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Harwood (HLTA)

In year 2, the learning environment sparks curiosity and you can immerse yourself in our topic at the time. Our reading corner entices you to settle down with a good book in a calm, quiet area of the classroom.

Building your stamina and love of learning is a priority in year 2 as we will be working towards passing the standard attainment tests towards the end of the year. We will be carrying out individualised interventions throughout the year to support with this alongside our everyday activities. Don’t forget to encourage learning at home as well!

Please make sure that your PE is in school every day for the whole term.  You can take it home to be washed at the end of each term.