We believe that children and adults flourish when they learn and work as members of a supportive, cohesive community built on high expectations, rigour, mutual respect and pride in their own and each other’s achievements.

We believe that:

  1. All children are entitled to access a world class education
  2. Everyone, regardless of background or starting point, can achieve the highest academic standards
  3. Children should be equipped with values, attitudes and attributes that will serve them well to be lifelong learners.
  4. All members of staff deserve great challenge and support on their journey to becoming masters of their craft.

We are a disciplined Academy, where pupils thrive in a culture defined by mutual respect and impeccable behaviour. We unashamedly focus on academic excellence and focus on every child achieving highly in subjects that will serve them well beyond school and into the next stage of their education and into their careers. All learning experiences offer the opportunity for children to apply their understanding in a global context developing their notion of international mindedness and therefore becoming principled global citizens.

We have an uncompromising culture of no excuses, and we insist on high standards for staff and pupils. We mean this, we follow it and we refer to it every day because we believe in it. Every pupil matters, every pupil can achieve, every lesson counts.

Throughout our methodologies we commit to ensuring every child is consistently provided with the opportunities to equip themselves with the values and attributes that will support them when faced with future challenges and experiences. All elements of our practice have purpose in nurturing these qualities in our pupils and these are referenced throughout all of what we do.