The primary phase of The Hundred of Hoo Academy first opened in September 2015 with just 19 children. Each year it has grown by 30 children and we now have 212 pupils aged 4 years to 11 years old. We are currently one form of entry with 30 children in each class. We aim for at least one class teacher and one teaching assistant assigned to each class to provide the support and nurture that each and every child deserves.

We are extremely privileged that all our wonderful learning experiences take place within our stunning new building which was first opened to pupils in September 2017. The nature of a new building means that, as the end users, we were able to develop the spaces ensuring that your child’s environment is most conducive to learning.  We have a number of provisions on site unique to our school. We have a bespoke Sensory Room which is equipped with resources to support children with special educational needs. On the first floor, we have our stunning Learning Lounge which is an area of multiple purposes; a calm reading area, our space for collaboration and a resource centre, particularly to support our digital provision. All this set with the backdrop of the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and in the foreground our onsite pond and expansive fields. The pond will over time have its own ecosystem so with this in mind it has its own decking area perfect for small groups of pupils to use for pond dipping. Of course, we also have access to the purpose-built facilities in our secondary counterpart. Our pupils have frequent opportunities to use the secondary kitchens, science labs and drama studios.

Every classroom has its own identity but with the consistent expectation that they are organic and reflective of our learners’ voices. With aspiration and inspiration at the core, our classes are named after pioneers who have changed, shaped and influenced history both locally, nationally and internationally. Our class names are;

  • EYFS – Da Vinci Class
  • Year 1 – Berners-Lee Class
  • Year 2 – Cousteau Class
  • Year 3 – Anderson Class
  • Year 4 – Adams Class
  • Year 5 – Thunberg Class
  • Year 6 – Attenborough Class