Home Study

Independent study tasks are set to improve pupils’ retention of key information and to provide opportunities for pupils to master the key skills needed to be successful. It also provides teachers with the raw material to undertake diagnostic assessments that feed into our monitoring and progress tracking system. We ask your parents to oversee the home study that you have been given and to support you to ensure it is completed by the deadlines set.

Independent Study allows you to:

  • Practise and reinforce skills covered in class
  • Research for information and develop connected skills
  • Give further opportunity to practise exam-type questions
  • Develop retention of key content required

Independent study tasks can be of various types such as reading, research and completion of exam style questions. It will be recorded by staff members on Classcharts accessible via individual usernames and passwords for both pupils and parents (where Internet access is not possible, alternative arrangements can be made).

Home study set will consist of:

Key Stage 3: Please see Knowledge Organiser section
Key Stage 4: Minimum of one 60 minute Independent study task per subject per week
Key Stage 5: Frequent higher order Independent study tasks for all subjects

The Academy operates a Homework Club on Monday to Thursday from 15.00 to 16.00.  This is for pupils who wish to stay behind to receive help to complete tasks or those that are unable to access the Classcharts study website from home.

In Key Stage 1, the expectation is that parents read with their child every night for at least 10 minutes and record this in the Link Book.

There will also be weekly phonics home study which is differentiated to highlight the phonemes that they have been covering that week.  This will be sent home every Friday and should be returned every Thursday.

Fortnightly, there will also be Maths centred home study.  It will be used to enhance the pupils’ mental recall of number facts.

Project Home Study

Every term there will be project home study to be completed.  It will be linked directly to the current topic theme and will have an overarching title. The pupils will be able to choose how they present their project. Examples could include –

  • Making a 3D model
  • An information book
  • A scrapbook
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • A detailed picture

Project home study is to encourage imagination and creativity in how the children approach their work.

The focus for the project home study will be sent home on the first Friday of every term and should be returned on the second Friday of every term.

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