CV Writing for Year 13 at The Hundred of Hoo Academy

Year 13 students at The Hundred of Hoo Academy participated in a C.V workshop with recruitment professional , Daniel Goodwin of Pearson Whiffin.

Having spent class time the previous week on preparation for the workshop, each student brought along their C.V and had the opportunity to work on these, helping the students to work towards creating outstanding documents.

Beginning with discussing what should appear on a C.V and indeed, what should not, students responded well to advice which emphasised the importance of clearly selling their achievements.

Students then looked at sample C.Vs discussing what worked- and what did not! This included not only content, but the layout.

The hour and a half workshop ended with students making notes on how they should update their own C.V’s in readiness for when they will need them.



  • Very good and helpful- well needed
  • Helps me feel confident with my CV and reassures me how to adapt my CV
  • Good learning experience plus helped me massively with my CV
  • It was really good, I learned a lot on how to update my CV and make it better
  • Very helpful as it allows me to have a chance to massively improve my CV as it made me see the mistakes I had in my CV
  • Mega Helpful
  • Good for people that don’t want to go to uni, provides opportunities
  • Very helpful I will use this so that I can look at getting a job when I am at uni


Sincere thanks to Daniel for coming to The Hundred of Hoo and we look forward to welcoming him again to work with year 12 next.