We follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics and deliver this using the ‘Mathematics Mastery’ programme, enabling the school to embed a proven mastery approach.
This mathematics curriculum will ensure students develop the required fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics as well as developing a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, so that they can reason mathematically and apply in problem solving.
The curriculum is well sequenced and interlinked to continually allow for prior learning to be connected to new concepts. It also allows the time to ensure students can apply the skills and knowledge they have learnt to a greater depth by applying this in a variety of contexts and variations. 

The Curriculum allows for students to think and articulate mathematically, using the mathematical language and terminology, to support their deep understanding.
A concrete-pictorial-abstract approach will be used in lessons, to enable pupils to make links between manipulatives, pictorial representations and written methods. The intention of these approaches is to provide all children with full access to the curriculum, enabling them to achieve mastery in mathematics. Students will develop a deep understanding of the concepts they meet rather than learn from rules.