Key Stage 3 Curriculum

In KS3 pupils access the full National curriculum offer but it is taught within the MYP framework. The subjects fit into one of the following 8 MYP subject groups:

  • Language and Literature – English 
  • Mathematics – Maths
  • Sciences – Science
  • Individuals and Societies – History, Geography and PSHRE
  • Language Acquisition – Languages
  • Arts – Art, Drama, Music
  • Design – IT, Food, Textiles, Hard Technology
  • Physical and Health Education – PE

You can see from the diagram linked below how the KS3 subjects are part of the 5 year journey that our pupils embark on. In each subject area pupils build the knowledge and skills required to become masters in each area and therefore progress onto the next stages of education.

Curriculum map

Click the image above to view the larger, PDF version of the curriculum pathway