The Hundred of Hoo Academy is proud of the support it provides its pupils, encouraging each and every community member to aspire, achieve and excel.

Our ex-pupils are keen to share their experiences, share their successes and provide inspiration for our current cohort.

Class of 2019

Charlie Donovan

Jay Bowman

Kian Davis

Class of 2017

Connor Nicholls

Class of 2015

Georgia Horsley

Class of 2014

Lucy Simpson

Class of 2013

Tashana Goode

Class of 2012

Chloe Sands

Class of 2010

Conor Grist

Sam Keene

Class of 2009

Molly Wright

Andrew Jones

Class of 2007

Scott Mackay

Class of 2001

Tom Taylor

Gary Nunn

Class of 1998

Ben Gay

Matthew Mundie

Class of 1995

Michael Oglesby

Class of 1992

Staurt Theobald

Class of 1987

Paul Brennan

Class of 1986

Rob Beckwith

If you are an ex-pupil and would like to share your experiences please contact the Trust using the link below: