Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers: Marlowe Theatre Canterbury

On Thursday the 28th of August 2019, students from our year 9 and 10 cohorts had the opportunity to experience Blood Brothers live in the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury. Students and teachers alike joined together in the trip to Canterbury over our summer holidays in an effort to start the upcoming summer term with refreshed knowledge of the plot and a new appreciation for Russell’s timeless classic. The production left students awe struck and even a little choked up as we relived the harrowing tales of Edward Lyons and Mickey Johnstone.

The plot follows the paths of twins, separated at birth, and the social divide that is between them. Both actors playing the twins had a great sense of energy to their roles. Mrs Johnstone was both powerful and beautiful as she brought us along on the troubled journey of her family’s daily struggles. Similarly, Mrs Lyons was portrayed excellently as the manipulative and greedy women represented in the original script.

The inevitable tragedy was almost forgotten as we all lost ourselves in the songs and dances by the spectacularly talented actors. However, when the twins finally came to blows and the original foreboding was fulfilled, we could not help but be filled with a cathartic sense as their troubles were finally over. We all rose to applaud the crew as they received three standing ovations – all well deserved. We returned to Hundred of Hoo feeling on the edge of song (sometimes even bursting into a few lines of ‘and we’d go dancing’) everyone in agreement that a fantastic and educational day had been achieved by all.

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