HOHPA Trip to The Lion King! – 4th May 2022

The outside of the Lion King at the Lyceum theatre

Last week on the 27th April, the Primary Academy organised a whole-school trip to see The Lion King musical at the Lyceum Theatre in London.

For many pupils, this was the first school trip that they had been on in a very long time, or for others, ever! Having said that, you would never have known that this was a completely new experience for many as they were undaunted by the long coach journey, hustle and bustle of central London or the incredibly steep camber of the theatre itself.

All of the children were so incredibly well-behaved and really did the school proud. More than ten members of the public approached school staff regarding how well behaved our children are, with another member of the public going out of their way to contact me directly by email:

“I would just like to say that on Wednesday the 27th April I attended a matinee performance of The Lion King. When arriving ,my daughter and I saw a sea of children, we looked at each other and rolled our eyes. How wrong were we! The children’s behaviour was nothing but exemplary. They all sat lovely and enjoyed the show, waving at their friends and teachers across the other side of the theatre during the interval. They were all having a great time and the teachers that were chaperoning also deserve a mention; the way they handled getting the children to the bathroom and all seated was fantastic. I hope you are very proud of them all, it was so lovely hearing their little giggles throughout the show. Please do let them all know how wonderful they all behaved.”

The trip was subsidised by Leigh Academies Trust who paid for the cost of the tickets and organised by Mr Bullock, who deserves a special mention for the many hours he put into ensuring the trip went without a hitch!

Alongside these people, I would also like to extend a massive thank you to the parents/carers and staff members who helped out on the day – without you, the trip simply wouldn’t have been possible!