Pen Pal projects – 14th Mar 2022

Flags of the world

Italian Project

Year 10 and Year 11 GCSE Spanish pupils were working with Miss Hill on a pen pal project with a school called Liceo linguistico “E. Setti Carraro” in Milan, Italy. In December, pupils sent their first letters to their pen pals introducing themselves in English and they received their first responses asking more about them. 

South Korean Project

A group of year 10 pupils have been attending regular Zoom meetings with Sejong High School, our South Korean buddy school. The Year 10’s received a cultural box to help them learn about South Korean culture.

Les correspondants français 

Pupils in Year 8 French received introductory letters from their new French pen pals who all attend the Collège Georges Clémenceau in Montpellier. Our pupils promptly replied by writing letters in French to tell their new friends all about themselves and their interests. In the future, we hope that we will be able to meet each other in France and the UK.

German Project

Year 9 German students have started a pen pal project with Hildegardis-Schule Hagen, a school in Hagen, Germany. We posted our introductory letters and a cultural box. This is a fantastic opportunity to teach their pen pals more about British culture, and we will receive a German box in return.