‘You said, We did’ and Term 4 Celebrations – 9th Mar 2022

You said, we did

Thank you to all parents/carers that completed our recent parent survey. We take feedback from our parents and pupils extremely seriously and want to ensure we maintain an excellent working partnership.

You Said: You do not fully understand the MYP Curriculum

We Did: We held an MYP information event, in the evening of Tuesday 22nd
and in the morning on Thursday 24th March.

You Said: You think the rules are too strict and detentions do not work.

We Did: We have switched to hosting detentions in subject areas so that staff can have restorative conversations so pupils are clear on what they did wrong and what is expected to be an excellent learner

You Said: You did not know what SEND support children received at the Academy.

We Did: We have reviewed our website and created a SEND and Inclusions page which has communication from our SENDCo outlining the variety of support we put in place for students dependent on their needs.

You Said: Due to the pandemic some new parents haven’t seen the whole Academy.

We Did: We will be arranging some events for students to tour their parents/carers around the Academy and introduce them to their form tutor and College teams.

You Said: Communication with parents could be better.

We Did: How well your child is doing – We are reviewing our reporting policy and the layout/information within the reports we send home to make them more meaningful.

Follow-up following raising a concern – The pupil survey indicated that the Academy was good at resolving issues, but we will ensure that parents are informed of a resolution and where appropriate, contacted a week or two after any issue to ensure the matter is resolved fully.

No reply following contact – The College emails are now being filtered and monitored by our central admin team to ensure a reply is received within two school days


Staff have been reading the positive, supportive and celebratory comments provided by parents in our survey. Such feedback is valued and appreciated by the staff body. They have been working tirelessly since returning from the pandemic to ensure that we consistently provide the best possible learning and co-curricular experiences for your children and to create what we consider to be an exceptional provision for our local community. Please see below some of the kind words you have shared with us. Thank you!

‘My son transferred to HoH from a Grammar school recently However I can say it has been such a refreshing change that he has been so well supported and understood and made to feel valued and hopefully now able to reach his full potential. 

I do feel that other schools could learn a lot from Hundred of Hoo Academy regarding mental health support, bullying and SEN support and HoH should be used as a benchmark for these matters. 

I have been very impressed with the discipline at HoH but how they achieve this through kindness, understanding and mutual respect with the students which is very different to our previous experiences. The administration and parent use sites are very efficient and easy to navigate and answers are provided quickly and clearly. 

I haven’t had a parents evening yet but I hope this will be as well run as everything else in the school I have experienced to date. I have been sure to let all my friends with school age children about to choose secondary schools know what a hidden gem HoH is and our experiences of both schools.’

‘My daughter has anxiety problems and the school help her with this. She has a nice relationship with the pastoral staff and she can go to them if anything is upsetting or worrying her etc.’

‘Great school which my son enjoys going to, they demand high levels of discipline and set appropriate expectations of him without going over the top.’

‘My child is happy and doing well at this school. My son passed his 11+ this year and wants to go to HoH as he is seeing his sister thrive and enjoy school.’

‘My daughter was diagnosed officially with ADHD, the school have been incredible, I can’t thank you enough :)’

‘This school has been amazing for both my two boys! My older son is now at University studying Construction Project Management and doing extremely well. Thank you for giving him solid foundation.

I am very involved in my son’s work. He is happy and settled at HOH. I would also like to mention all the teachers who stand outside of school every morning no
matter the weather. They greet the children and encourage those running late to hurry. This always makes me smile on the days I drop off my son. 

Hundred of Hoo Academy has enabled me to relax as a parent because their behaviour approach has turned my two boys into Gentlemen. Well done! Keep up the good work.’

‘I am extremely pleased with my daughters progress this year, all thanks to the dedication and commitment of her teachers. I am also very grateful that she has been able to continue to have a 1:1 Device for her 6th Form Studies which has had a significantly positive impact on her progress and wellbeing. Thank you.’

‘The school is definitely of a good standard. I feel the behaviour is dealt with so my children don’t suffer too much disruption. There seems to be positive relationships between my children & their teachers.  Even during the lockdown my daughters’ received a good level of teaching. Coming from working in primary education I know what an excellent job teachers do & really hope this is passed onto them.’