Business Mentoring at The Hundred of Hoo Academy

The Hundred of Hoo Academy was delighted to be able to resume our business mentoring scheme with our now Year 13 students on Thursday 5th November. Having had a superb response at the beginning of the year from business mentors and mentees we have now launched business mentoring virtually with 21 Students and 16 Employers over the coming weeks. Business mentors are invaluable to us here at The Hundred of Hoo and after so many months off it is great to get feedback from our mentee Max, “ Nick has got me focused on what to do after sixth form and what I can do now to get started on that journey to make it easier for me’. Sometimes students need to hear that from an employer rather than a member of the academy staff or parent. Following on from some of these mentoring meetings, students now also have a number of  conversations lined up with other employers in the field that they wish to gain a career in.

We very much look forward to running the virtual business mentoring scheme at the academy.