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The Hundred of Hoo Academy Mentoring Scheme has been designed and developed by academy staff who have been accredited by the Mentoring and Befriending foundation since June 2013.

The Approved Provider Standard is a nationally recognised award which allows our specialised team to confidently support children's personal, social and academic needs which further motivates our learners to grow and fulfil their potential.

Our mentors commit to listening to the experience and guidance of others whilst our mentees are expected to ask for support when needed and take the time to listen to the advice offered, demonstrating the commitment required from both parties.

Both mentors and mentees participate in mutual sharing and reflection providing the mentee with:

  • Clarity in relation to options available and how we are held responsible for the choices that we make
  • An insight into how we take ownership of our own behaviour, and how it impacts on others 
  • A different prospective and a greater sense of cultural values
  • A greater sense of self satisfaction and well being
  • Life goals