Travel and Tourism

If pupils have ever wondered about the world we live in, dreamt about countries in far flung places and thought about how they can travel the world, Travel and Tourism is the option for you. With the travel industry being one of the fastest growing in modern Britain, an understanding of the concept of travel and tourism, the economic benefits and the impact on local and international communities is vital. When selected In conjunction with other courses such as Business or Languages, Travel and Tourism will create experts in the field and support any pupil that wishes to follow a pathway to the travel industry.
With transferable skills that will improve any learner, we prepare pupils to be confident in exploring different cultures and promoting travel to different destinations around the world. Our enthusiastic team provide the support and challenge to pupils and the resources to excel in leading their learning of the world around them.


With a 100% pass rate for the past three years and with an increasing number of pupils gaining Distinction and Distinction* grades, the Travel and Tourism department consistently secures high quality qualifications for the future. The department is proud that all pupils gain key transferable skills that will lead to success for the future.