Extended Project

Although only introduced to the Academy this academic year, the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) has proven to be an extremely popular choice amongst pupils in Year 12 and  will give pupils a boost to their UCAS application. If pupils have a desire to undertake a qualification with almost complete autonomy, independent challenge whilst developing key skills that will benefit them across the curriculum, then the EPQ is for them. The extended project provides a fantastic opportunity for pupils to engage in a piece of study in a topic of their choice. Pupils will be able to enhance their research skills, time management skills, analysis and creativity, as well as preparation for presentation skills.

The top universities in the country value the EPQ for the significant contributions it can make to a pupil's personal statement as well as the key practical skills developed. The EPQ ensures that pupils leave sixth form as well-rounded, skilled individuals with the ability to work independently and present confidently. This is imperative, particularly for those pupils that wish to challenge themselves above and beyond specific subjects.


The extended project is running for the first time at The Hundred of Hoo Academy, but has already drawn the attention of a large number of pupils that will be undertaking the qualification this year. With extensive support and guidance from both in and outside of the Academy, the EPQ is sure to be a success for all pupils that complete it.