Posted on: May 3rd 2019

2019 Consumer Challenge Quiz

I am both pleased and proud to announce that the Hundred of Hoo won first place in the Medway CCQ this year. In addition to this we also won a second trophy for winning the 'Medway' round where pupils answer questions about the Medway towns. Pupils came away with an award that they get to keep, a certificate plus a bag full of also sorts of treats including escape camera. First prize also included a box of books donated by WH Smith that have been divided between the St Werbugh Centre and the academy library.

St Werburgh Centre achieved second place.

In addition to this there was a mini quiz during the break where pupils had to identify the difference between real and fake items. Pupils and staff from Hoo managed to win 5 of the 6 prizes for this as well.

Two massive great big trophies are on display in the SEN office.

The Hoo team was made up of Megan Campbell, Jamie Hancock Year 7), Tobias Redpath and Ellie Brown (Year 8).


Miss Vant