Posted on: March 7th 2019

Year 11 BTEC Performing Arts - The Unreturning Theatre visit

After a couple of days of watching the weather forecast intently, Miss Boyns and Miss Alcindor set off to Stratford, London with the Year 11 BTEC Performing Arts class to see Frantic Assembly's latest production, The Unreturning.

Intertwining the stories of four characters involved in various wars, it was simultaneously set in 1918, 2013 and 2026, with each of the four incredibly talented actors using multi-role and physical theatre to slide in and out of the three tales.  Featuring Frantic's trademark style and celebrating graduates from ten years of their Ignition training programme, the 100 minute production captivated pupils and teachers alike.

An inspiring evening was had by all, and it was even worth the frustrations of a broken down train delaying our journey home!  We are looking forward to seeing how Year 11 apply this inspiration in their component 3 devised pieces which they began work on at the end of term 3.