Posted on: February 4th 2019

Safer Internet Day - Tuesday 5th February 2019

For the remaining two weeks of term the Academy will focus on Safer Internet Day, which takes place on Tuesday 5th February. Please support us in delivering key messages surrounding how to stay safe and using the Internet and social media responsibly. 

Pupils will take part in a variety of activities, engaging with materials to promote the importance of their use of data and what is and isn't safe to share online – encouraging users of the internet to 'think before you post'.

Social Media and internet use is a great tool, however has its dangers when not used appropriately or monitored by a responsible adult. 

Access to resources, advice for parents and support lines can be found here:

Specific guidance for parents:

You may also wish to encourage your child (or take part yourself) in the quiz below: 

Please also use the resource below to support conversations at home: