Posted on: November 22nd 2018

Safer Internet Use and Social Media Guidance

The Academy’s current Theme of the Fortnight is ‘Anti-Bullying’, in-line with the National Anti-bullying week that took place from 12th November until the 16th November.  Over the past two weeks, pupils and staff have been engaging in tasks to promote the understanding of what bullying is, our thoughts and feelings about bullying and how we can best deal with it.

In a recent national bullying survey, 56% of young people said they have seen others be bullied online and 42% have felt unsafe online. Unicef reported that the average child accessing 9 hours of screen time per day, highlighting the importance of pupils understanding how to be safe and respectful to others.

Recently, it has come to our attention that a small number incidents have occurred due to pupils’ unregulated use of social media. The incidents in question have involved pupils communicating with each other inappropriately using social media whilst outside of the Academy and then continuing arguments or disagreements whilst in school.  This has then led to pupils making poor, rash decisions and receiving serious sanctions as a result.

Whilst we will do everything we can to support children in understanding the appropriate use of social media and the internet, it is important to recognise that parents have a responsibility to monitor and regulate their child’s use of social media. 

We would, therefore, encourage parents to consider and implement the following:

  • Discuss how to use social media and the internet appropriately
  • Ensure that children are adhering to the age limits for social media apps, most of which are 13
  • Regularly check your child’s accounts, including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram
  • Check your child’s phone for ‘Screen time’ usage. This can be found in the ‘Settings’ of the phone.
  • Instil a curfew on your child’s phone usage; this can be done within the ‘Settings’ of the phone.

For further advice and guidance on appropriate and safe use of social media and internet we have created the attached information sheet using information from Bullying uk.

If the incident is something that involves another member of the Hundred of Hoo community, or you think that the issue will impact on your child’s wellbeing at the Academy, please contact the child’s Head of Year via Student Services on 01634 251443 or communicate via the Main Office: Alternatively, please contact our Anti-Bullying Co-ordinators Mr Carey and Mr Dehaney.

Guidance and Information regarding Cyber Bullying

Guidance and Information regarding Social Media