Posted on: May 1st 2018

2018 Consumer Challenge

We are very proud to announce that the Academy second this year in the 2018 Consumer Challenge in what was a very close contest!

There were 6 rounds and four teams. From round 2 to round 5 Hoo were in the lead by only 1 point with the three other schools all drawing for second place. This all changed in round 6 where Inspire were tying with us for first place. A tie breaker did not resolve this as both schools gave the same answer of 75 miles for the length of the River Medway (the answer was 70 miles). The second tie breaker however gave the lead to Inspire, pupils were asked how many calories in a two finger kitkat. The answer was 106, Hoo answered with 112 but Inspire’s answer of 110 made them the overall winner.

Hoo Pupils  came away with  a bag full of goodies that they were very excited about, Argos vouchers, a watch, stationary plus certificates and a small trophy each.

Well done to the Hoo team!