Posted on: March 20th 2018

Sport Relief - The Story So Far...

In the past year, the Academy has really stepped up its efforts to support charity events on a wider scale, with Race for Maria, Children in Need and Christmas Jumper Days all being hugely successful.

Since 12 March it has been the turn of Sport Relief.  With a large number of events being organised, with the support of the Student Leadership team, we have raised a total of £854 to date.

Here's the story so far...

Pupil Football

'The beautiful game' has been a popular choice among pupils, with eleven 7-a-side teams created within years 7-9.  the attendance of the event changing over the days that they have been running, it has been a challenge to organise the tournaments we had originally planned. Despite this, pupils have enjoyed participating in an organised activity at lunch.  Particular thanks must go to Mr Davis, Mr Lewis, Mrs Amos and Mr Carey for their support of the event. 

Bake off and bake sales

The most popular of all the pupil events, Bake-off has seen over 60 participants across the course of the past 2 weeks. From year 7 - 9 pupils have enjoyed baking and decorating some amazing cakes, all of which have been sold in their year areas making a significant contribution to our final total.

We are pleased to share that, for her fantastic bake and sport-themed decorating, Emily Hawes 7JLC was judged as the overall winner of the competition.  Well done Emily and to all involved!

Staff Sumo

On Friday 16th March, a number of titanic struggles took place, with 16 staff members taking part in specially selected bouts with sumo suits on.

Here is the write up from Sophie Sparks (Year 9) - Sumo Write-up 

Staff Football

Always a pupils favourite, staff football took place on Thursday 29th March, with 22 staff members putting their reputations on the line in front of a packed crowd.  A hard fought contest led to a 2:1 victory for the team of Mr Carey, Mr Sanger, Mr Nash, Mr Turner, Mr Cavanagh, Miss Walkin, Mr Davis, Mr Paton, Mr Griffin, Miss MacKenzie.

Write up to follow...

A huge thank you to all involved in the organisation of the events, particularly our Student Leadership team, and to all participants and to those that supported any and all of the fundraising activities.