Posted on: March 20th 2018

Reading Cloud

Our Academy is strongly committed to improving literacy and the importance of reading for pleasure.  There is excellent evidence to suggest that young people who read for pleasure daily perform better in reading tests and enhances the learning in all subjects.  We want to encourage children to enjoy reading and to read a wide range of good quality literature. A significant investment has been made in our library since November, with the introduction of a new online library programme, “Reading Cloud.”

What this offers:

  • Reading Cloud can track your reading history and borrowing patterns.
  • It will encourage students to discover new authors, and even produce their own home library which can be added to their account. 
  • Pupils are also encouraged to write book reviews which can be shared within the school community.
  • Pupils can recommend books to their peers and accept recommendations.


Each pupil will be issued with a Log In and Password via their English lessons and shown what this addition to our library can offer, and how to use it.

We hope you find the new facility useful and welcome any feedback.

To explorer our new facility further please visit the website: