Assessment and Reporting

Within the Primary Schools of The Williamson Trust we have robust assessment procedures in place to ensure our staff and pupils are supported to make maximum progress.

Pupils complete baseline assessments at the start of each academic year so that staff can further personalise the learning for groups and individuals who may demonstrate gaps in their learning. Pupils are formally assessed termly as part of our timetables monitored programme. This is our opportunity to forensically examine and evaluate the impact of teaching and learning over the term; it is essential that all children are able to demonstrate the accelerated progress that they have made in a test situation. Where there is insufficient progress it is our responsibility to act swiftly to address it through our quality first teaching.

STAT Sheffield, in conjunction with Educater Online, is the data tracking system in place in all of the Trust primary schools. We have aspirational targets for our pupils and as such expect our pupils to make rapid progress. Educater Online enables staff to input their data termly, produce reports and analyse their teacher assessment. Staff prepare for termly pupil progress meetings by considering pupils who have not made the expected progress against the national curriculum objectives or those who are not at an appropriate attainment step. Discussion within the meeting leads to changes to quality first teaching to support groups and individuals. Where appropriate, timely and impactful interventions are implemented to support pupils to make the rapid progress required. Where intervention programmes are in place, provision maps are completed to evidence the support for specific pupils and to demonstrate the impact the intervention is having on progress.

All Primary staff are actively involved in termly moderation sessions with colleagues from across the Trust. This ensures staff are assessing their pupils work accurately and can articulate their knowledge of the pupils accurately. At the end of each key stage for teacher assessment, staff need to demonstrate that pupils are working at the expected national standard. Where appropriate evidence can be shared of pupils working at a greater depth within the expected standard. In addition, staff are regularly involved in external moderation with colleagues from within the Local Authority. We regularly commission evaluations, as well as actively engaging in peer reviews with Trust colleagues.

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